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Cloud18.Us is a prominent and perfect place to suffice you mobile app related requirements. Now you don’t need to waste your precious time in searching the best company. We are there with the most professional approaches. Your call is considered as project at our end. Our business dealings will tell you why most people rush towards Cloud18.Us.

Wow! Your ideas can earn totally free proposals from our end. Just share and see substantial hike. We know your worries to keep your creativity as secret. Trust and deal!!

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We provide sustainable and worth proving services.  As far as web development or mobile app, we ensure that the products are valuable and fully supporting your business needs.  We also ensure that a huge web traffic is diverting towards your business through eye catching UI/UX of our products.   If you succeeded in impressing your customers, that will be our success too!!

Mobile app development

Cloud18.Us deals with problems to deliver solutions.  We understand your business needs better.  Afterall, you like to see a substantial hike in your growth.  You will get undermentioned services from our quiver:-

Feel realistic web development from Cloud18.Us

With the help of our most sophisticated products, you can make a lead in professional life and ensure better returns on investments.  Quality services always matter and earn the ways for businesses.  This is your time to integrate following kinds of web development in your business:-

Be a part of profitable Blockchain

We always welcomed stunning and flashing ideas to convert into a positive bunch.  Enjoy learning and then earning from our realistic Blockchain development process.  Have undermentioned with us:-

Our work at a glance

Cloud18.Us manages a huge and diversified web of industries.  We put touch of IT even in non IT sectors too.


Social media handling done


Sorted out E-Commerce projects


Successfully dealt fitness projects

How we extend help to our clients through our app development

Just have a look on the following success story, which made a revolution in online marketing.


Cloud18.Us has transformed its basics and created a great social application. Swadeshi Basket is one of the game changers in online shopping.  This android based crafting has lifted the status in many manners. Likewise your emergencies to find a right blood donor have also been given deepest solution.  We have thrown wider database around you to search most suitable blood donor. Try out Blood Donor Finder. Sky is the limit for us and your business solution is our way.

Swadeshi Basket

“Swadeshi Basket” helped people in buying countless things under one roof. Google listing is self explanatory about penetration of this app. Just imagine and get the product.  Invest few clicks and things are at your door step.

Blood Donor Finder

Just see the penetration and use of Blood Donor Finder app.

We know the difficulty of matching blood donor in need. This app supported a lot to find the required and desired donor. Saving the life potential and RTA, made a quick pace in getting the blood and platelets.

Unveil and see the boom!!

Just see the undermentioned scenes and create a shoot in your mind regarding penetration of our intervention.

Right from a beginner to a well established organization, we stretched our hands and provided nest. Quick solution through our most approaching app development is our best revolutionary side to show.  Engaging the audience with the sure conversion into customers is prime job of app development.

A well versed group of web developers is our hand to support fly higher and higher. Our prolonged experience in designing the apps and pushing the solutions into positive direction helps us to keep cementing our seat.

Your progressive and flashy ideas are always welcome.  If have, share with us to get a proposal on no expense.  We will add shine in your future as well in ours too!!

Golden words of our clients!!!

From the blog

We work with the target base of your business. Penetration of specific operating system in a particular locality (normally it is country wide) boosts us to deal with the technologies. Though, a bigger population is using Android OS but iOS is also sharing a larger platform in our clientele. Selection is yours and we are comfortable in development of both kinds of applications.

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People waste a bigger money and time in search of better and relevant blood donor. Many often, even after tough efforts, nothing comes in and patient suffers. To avoid this unwanted delay in searching the right blood donor, our app development section has come up with revolutionary solution.

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Ofcourse, devoted efforts with the insurance sector can result in multiple booming, if you get a piercing help. No doubt, we take you on heights with the help of our most sophisticated Blockchain development.

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